' It bag ' is a classic car from the set mode

' It bag ' is a classic car from the set mode

The bag is the new shoes, must have  "it " accessory that has all the fashion-istas clamoring for the latest deals from popular designers.

Paul smith, Abercrombie and Fitch, dsquared

The bag is the new shoes, must have  "it " accessory that has all the fashion-istas clamoring for the latest deals from popular designers. This is also a market that has more in common with the classic car world dominated by men than you realize.

Some of you will miss the uproar a few months ago when Sainsbury's sells 20,000  "I am not a plastic bag " Anya Hind march-totes for each [pounds]. Within hours, the bags of cotton that is not bleached sells for more than [pounds] 150 on eBay.  "Every girl features handbags, " said specialist Monica Turcich Christie,  "and every girl wants it. Women now want ' it ' bags and that cannot be brought by anyone.

They are always popular and they are part of our sale of 20th-century fashion the most gets a phone call, but now they are doing very well because everyone wants the bag, whereas 10 years ago there were no bag ' as we currently have, just classic. '

Like a car, most of the newer designer bags that are sold through dealers and auction houses are significantly lower than their original retail price, the loss of the value of the original purchase second has happened. It is good news for investors, collectors and fans of handbags, but there are some exceptions to these rules.

Christie last March to sell red crocodile skin handbag Hermes to [pound] 10,800, it only bought in 1994 and in the beginning was the product order. Kelly bag is  "sacred bowls " from the world of classic bag according to Turcich.  "Chloe bags and bags of other contemporary more driven by what's popular now, but for a bag of Hermes and Chanel classic quilted, which is never outdated and could always use. " Kelly Bags can be bought for [pounds] 600 and often can be sold for [pounds] 1,000-2,000 [pounds], which is not bad for a bag that might have been purchased in 1960 's.

There is no doubt that most bags are purchased for use, it is not the investment market in the same way as many other collections such as paul smith, Abercrombie and Fitch, dsquared etc, but then again there are parallels with the car market.

By purchasing a bag of classic and take care of her, you will not lose money, but rather see the advantage remains with the return in addition to enjoy using it.
Bag  "I am not a plastic bag " Hindmarch is not likely to make it into the status of a classic " ", they are all cotton bags are mass produced, but other handbag from its range might do well.

So far Christie's has yet to sell the shopping bag, but Turcich said he wouldn't be surprised if they start to appear at auction very soon and he will not resist it.  "Kylie Minogue is depicted carrying a bag of bracelets Chloe about a few years ago that trigger mode and now we are selling the same goods at auction."

There is nothing original in the next auction which is expected to reach [pound] 800 to 1,000 [pounds] along with other bags Chloe in the same lot.  "I think Chloe has started the ' it ' bag scene, " added Turcich,  "I don't know how long it will take for them to be classics, but I believe this will have their value in the past five or 10 years. People don't seem to pay attention to the fact that the bag has become the new shoes in the last few years, now there is an appreciation of the design that goes into it. There are designer shoes that artists and also with a bag. "

It's not always about big names, a few weeks ago Ms Minogue was in the store Tony Durante, a handbag at Alfie's in London, and bought a bag of Raphia white with a horse's head in the front for about [pound] 200. Brightly colored Raphia bags are in this moment since the summer. Durante says that Kylie love this particular bag because it's unusual. Buy from vintage fashion dealer she couldn't possibly meet the other celebrities who carry one. Durante said that his customers are looking for factor's "unusual ".

If you want to maintain the value in your bag, then you must select that in very good condition, it is a nice and beautiful design. Some bags  "it " will no doubt go down in value as the change in classic mode, but must remain stable.

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