Japan and Korea fashion

Japan and Korea fashion

Some people say that Asians are more artistic and fashionable in style fashion than their Western counterparts. Our impression of beauty shaped by our culture, our garments based on the needs of our environment. Color and form are based on our traditions and our orphanage.

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Asian culture is very old. It is my belief and way of thinking of Asians who make their very different styles that affect the type of Japan and Korea Fashion

First of all, right around one of the early centuries. Most of the clothes made from silk of Asians. It started in China and then spread to all other Asian countries.

Now, you said that the people of Japan too much exposing. Well, in Japan the people at young age are taught not to shame with their bodies. Men and women bathe together to conserve water. That's why in Japan they currently have what is called a House bath.

In history, the majority of Asians have clothes that will cover them from head to toe. A few years after World War II, the West finally entering Japan with a bang. What you see today is the exposure to Western culture mixed with Asian culture.

Culture of Korea is rather conservative while the culture of Japan is rather open and showing off ... They are far from the same. The people of Korea tend to be closer to the Chinese people than anyone in the culture of Japan.

Oddly enough China is very interested in Japan and Korea from tv shows and music, so in the future will focus on Japan and Korea fashion.

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